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V12 Kakkoor Kalavayal Invitational Dirt Race 2018


Dirt bike riders gathered in Kakkoor on 24th February for the Kakkoor Kalavayal Invitational Dirt Race 2018. And as expected the competition was intense each giving his best in the each race, promoted by Kakkoor Kalavayal Committee and organized by V12 Race Solutions.

Murali CP and Afzal N.N both from ermakulam stole the limelight winning a race each in the glamor event Indian Open Class. And also Murali CP was best in the event winning both the Classes in Amateur classes

The Indian open Class Moto 1 too had its share of excitement as Murali won the first race, with Vineeth finishing second and Sarath M.A third.

In the second race of the class Moto-2, Murali C.P had to settle for second place, beaten by Afzal N.N and Febin Jose was third.

Rihard from kottayam won the bullet class, finishing ahead of Arun Silvy and Shirag M.H

Vinay clemant won first place in Apache Class which organizers introduced for the first time for Apache riders only. The second and third position taken by Jude Saul and Aqub T A

Amateur Class – Moto-1

  1. Murali CP (33)
  2. Vineeth N Kutty (80)
  3. Nikhil Nikki (37)

Amateur Class -Moto-2

  1. Murali CP (33)
  2. Nikhil Nikki (37)
  3. Arun Shelly (81)

Indian Open Class Moto-1

  1. Murali C.P (33)
  2. Vineeth (17)
  3. Sarath M.A (41)

Indian Open Class Moto -2

  1. Afzal N.N (03)
  2. Murali C.P (33)
  3. Febin Jose (10)

Apache Class

  1. Vinay clemant (21)
  2. Jude Saul (36)
  3. Aqub T A (46)

Bullet Class

  1. Rihard (42)
  2. Arun Silvy (99)
  3. Shirag M.H (22)


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