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All India Dirt Challenge 2018 PATTAMBI


The leading bike race riders gave Pattambi’s motorsport fans a treat in nuances of dirt bike riding in the All India Dirt Challenge 2018 on Sunday.

After pattambi MLA Muhammed Muhassin flagged off the event, conducted by SM Racing in association with MSRA. It was a fierce contest all the way as riders battled with each other for overall honours in the inaugural event of MSRA (Motor Sports Riders Association)

While the Challenge class, the glamour event witnessed the stiffest competition, it was Amal Varghese who cakewalked his way to the title The Kochi rider, who placed first in SMR Club open class also.

Abi S Nath crowned best rider of the event with more glory won the Indian Open class, Coimbatore’s Kattadurai and Jagdeesh Kumar (finished second and third respectively

After another good show swelled by Abi placing second in the SMR Open and Indian Open respectively

Cochin’s Asfal N.N won the Indian Expert class, Intermediate and Tuners Class respectively



  1. Amal Varghese
  2. Mohan
  3. Jagadeesh Kumar

SMR Open 

  1. Amal Varghese
  2. Abi S Nath
  3. Kattadurai

Indian Open 

  1. Abi S Nath
  2. Kattadurai
  3. Jagadeesh Kumar

Indian Expert

  1. Afzal NN
  2. Abi S Nath
  3. Kattadurai


  1. Afzal NN
  2. Amal Dev
  3. Sansar PI

Novice Moto 1 

  1. Murali CP
  2. Vineeth N Kutty
  3. Pramod P

Novice Moto 2

  1. Karthi
  2. Krishnadev
  3. Vishnu Jith

Beginners Moto 1 

  1. Karthi
  2. Mani K
  3. Gopalakrishnan

Beginners Moto 2 

  1. Karthi
  2. Nithin Sasidharan
  3. Krishnadev

Tuners Class

  1. Afzal N.N
  2. Amal Dev
  3. Sansar PI

Best Rider : Abi S Nath



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