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Big Rock Trail Attack Sprint Rally 2018


Shabaz Khan, riding a Himalayan motorcycle won the overall title in the Big Rock Trail Attack Sprint Rally 2018 organised by KMSC in Big Rock motopark under the FMSCI Regulations

Shabaz Khan clocked the overall time of 44:47.1 2 to make his vctery ahead of Gautam Rao who clocked 47:09.1 3 Richard Gladson from Kerala secured third place with time of 47:12.5

Pushkar wins the Category of 500 to 850 with time of 48:24.7 while R Shiva Kumar claimed the second place and Shriram Chelvaroyan took third place by finishing time 49:46.1 and 52:21.0 respectively

In the 850 to 1200 Category AshwinGururaj wins with time of 51:24.5 Mazhar Ahmed and Shrihari Sriramaiah finished rally with time of 51:31.2 and 53:36.0 respectively



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