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India Superbike Festival 2018 will host a Junior MX Championship Race

India Superbike Festival

India Superbike Festival 2018 to be held at Amanora Mall from 7th to 9th December 2018, this edition would feature a combination of Adventure, Vintage and Exotic superbike displays and competitions such as the loudest motorcycle title as well as several other off-track events.

The highlights at the India Superbike Festival 2018 would be the Junior MX Championship Race along with an adventure track zone providing an astonishing experience to all Adventure bikers.

Amol Talpade, organizer of the event said: “The last year has been an action packed year with a slew of new launches and players hitting the Indian market stirring up the sector quite a bit.

In addition to the bikes the sector has also seen a lot of action on the motoring lifestyle gear and adventure segments bringing a whole new generation of superbike enthusiasts in to its fold.

Having started off as India’s first superbike festival 7 years ago, we have constantly endeavoured to not just ensure something new and interesting for the biking fraternity in the country.

This year is no exception; apart from the usual displays we have also added some very interesting competitions as well as an awards segment.”

In addition to superbike manufacturers like Norton, SWM, FB Mondial, MV Agusta, Ducati, BMW Motorrrad, UM Motorcycles, Suzuki, Triumph, Harley Davidson, Hyosung, Motoguzzi lifestyle biking marketers like Café Racer, Adventure Moto, Biking Superstore and 100 KMPH,

The festival will also feature an elaborate expo comprising of lifestyle auto products, gear and ancillary manufacturers, amongst others, not forgetting workshops on various crucial riding elements for the enthusiasts.

Over 3000 enthusiasts from across the country are expected to participate in the event.

India Superbike Festival 2018

More Details http://www.isf.asia/




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