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MRF MoGrip FMSCI National Rally Championship 2018 Nashik

Nataraj R
Image Courtesy : Prakash Rawat and Auto Track

R Natraj of Team TVS Racing clinched the overall winner of MRF MoGrip FMSCI National Rally Championship 2018 Nashik

Natraj riding the RTF450 FX clocked the overall time of 31min 56 seconds to make his championship title chances stronger

He is leading the six rounds rally after winning the first two in Indore and Baroda and finishing runner-up in the third round in Pune

“It was an awesome track I could have finished the competitive section in even better timing had the traffic been smoother “said Natraj “The competition was too high Sohail Ahmed gave a good fight” he added

On a warm and wet afternoon 49 competitors including four women started off from the Hotel Sumachandra for 20km transport section

Main event on the 12.5 km dirt stage near the Saral mountain hill quarry

The riders were made to complete was taken on thrice in the same direction and cumulating to a total of 37.5kms.

Natraj as expected looked unbeatable on his RTR 450FXbut Sohail and the third placed Samual Jacob of the TVS racing were close on the heels for most of the stages, until Natraj broke ahead in the last by more than minute

Pune round winner Rajendra RE ran out of luck after he crashed in the first stage and he finished 8th.

In the scooter Class  favorite Sayad AsifAli of Bhopal astride TVS NTRO finished the rally in 40 minutes 12 seconds to win the ahead of Mumbai’s Venktesh Shetty Local boy Yash Pawar secured third place. Former scooter class champion Shamim Khan of Nashik struggled with some technical problems to his bike and was way behind

Aishwaraya  pissay from TVS Racing  in the fourth consecutive victory in ladies class and she secured her championship title


1. R Nataraj (TVS Racing, RTR 450FX) 31 min 56 secs;

2. Suhail Ahmed (Bengaluru,TVS RTR 200) 33:17;

3. Samuel Jacob (TVS Racing, RTR200) 33:30.

Class 1 (Superbike ProExpert):

1. R Nataraj (TVS Racing, RTR 450FX) 31:56.

Class 1A (Superbike ProExpert-A):

1. Badal Doshi (Mumbai, Honda CRA 450) 36:19;

2. Jatin Jain (Nagpur, Husqvarna FE450) 36:30.

Class 2 (Super Sport 130B):

1. Rakesh Kumar V (Bengaluru, Yamaha YBX)39:52;

2. Jose Sabastian (Kochi, Gladiator) 41:34;

3. Vignesh M (Coimbatore, Yamaha YBX) 42:03.

Class 3 (Super Sport 165B):

1. Imran Pasha (TVS Racing, TVS RTR 160) 33:53;

2. Sachin D (Bengaluru, Hero Impulse) 34:00;

3. Saravana Kumar (Coimbatore, Hero Impulse) 35:16.

Class 4 (Super Sport 260B):

1. Suhail Ahmed (Bengaluru,TVS RTR 200) 33:17;

2. Samuel Jacob (TVS Racing, RTR200) 33:30;

3. Rajendra RE (TVS Racing, RTR200) 36:04.

Class 5 (Super Sport 400B):

1. Venu Rameshkumar (Coimbatore, KTM Duke 390) 37:00;

2. Shaunak Netragaonkar (Pune, KTM Duke 390) 52:02.

Class 6 (Super Sport 550B):

1. Vineet Sharma (Indore, Himalayan) 38:42;

2. Shivam Wani (Indore, Himalayan) 41:18;

3. Nilesh Thakare (Nashik, Himalayan) 41:42.

Class 7 (Scooter):

1. Syed Asif Ali (TVS Raving, NTRQ) 40:12;

2. Venkatesh Shetty (Mumbai, Aprilia SR150) 40:18;

3. Yash Pawar (Nashik, Yamaha Rayz) 40:43.

Class 8 (Ladies):

1. Aishwarya Pissay (TVS Racing, TVS RTR 200 4V) 42:41;

2. Fazeela U (Palakkad, Hero Impulse) 43:59;

3. Gumail Kaur (Vadodara, Hero Impulse) 45:23.

Class 9 (Locals):

1. Ankit Gajjar (Yamaha RX100) 39:04;

2. Amit Suryavanshi TVS Apache) 46:45;

3.Kaustubh Machhe(Yamaha YBX) 47:03.