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Interview With Sebastian Bliklen his experience in India


Becoming a motocross racer is something that very few individuals accomplish. On top of spending countless hours riding and training, a solid support base, usually from family members, is required to help aspiring racers reach the top tier of the sport.

32-year old enthusiastic Motorcyclist from Germany gives an exclusive interview to MotoXindia.com in-depth look into what got him started in the sport and he share his experience being first time ride in India

First, how you got into riding?

I felt in love with two-wheelers, especially Dirt bikes, when I was about 14years old. It took 3 years more until I was able to buy my first own bike, a Yamaha YZ125 in bad condition (I had to weld the frame 3 times).

Then I joined the next Motocross club from my home called MTC-Flehingen. There I learned the first steps and got into Motocross. The first couple years of riding were more branded by getting a bike mechanic than a professional rider I had to spend more time in earning money and bike maintenance than on riding.

In the last few years I was more into Endurance riding and racing than in Motocross. I never reached the level of a pro Rider but am still fighting hard to see the black and white checkered flag a bit earlier than the others.

What was the reason to come and race in India? How was your experience?

Luckily I got the chance coming to India for a business trip. After the journey to Coimbatore has been approved I immediately started searching for a possibility having a dirtbike ride here.

After some Internet researches I contacted MotoXindia.com and got in contact with Surjith. He offered the opportunity for organizing a bike rent and informed me about the next tracks to Coimbatore.

Sebastian with Surjith
Sebastian with Surjith

To me it was the first time being in India and I got a lot of unforgettable impressions from the country, especially the friendliness and frankness of the people impressed me!

After getting in Email contact with Surjith my local colleagues organized the ride on Pravith’s track. We all met first time at the Motocross track near Thrissur. After the first spoken word I felt the passion for Motocross of everyone and everything following was about Motocross.

To me it was very cool to see and feel that Motocross Riders in Germany and India are the same. After Pravith showed me his track it was time to turn the throttle. In the brakes Pravith was telling about training restrictions from Monday to Friday due to the school in the neighborhood (Noise pollution). So even the “problems” are the same in Germany and India. Noise Pollution and dust… two inconveniences I know too well from our club.

Sebastian with Pravith
Sebastian with Pravith

 What type of physical training do you engage in to prepare yourself for racing?

During the Riding Season in Germany (March to October) I am jogging twice a week and doing Motorcycle riding specific calisthenics. In the winter months I usually also go for indoor swimming.

What is the most difficult part about being a motocross racer?

Due to my philosophy of life “live your dreams” there are no difficulties.

Finally handling this expensive and time blasting sport is sometimes hard to understand for friends and outstanding people.

What is the most fun part about being a motocross racer?

Getting around, seeing and meeting other people with the same passion for Off-road.

What are your long-term goals in motocross?

Keeping the riding ability and the pure FUN I have every time up to I am an old aged man.

What was the biggest gain you made as a racer in the past years?

In the Years from 2012-2014 I took part at the Erzberg Race in Austria. My biggest gain was to finish in 324th place (about 1800Riders in total) in 2013.

Tell us about MTC-Flehingen

MTC-Flehingen is a Motocross club in the City Flehingen in State Baden-Württemberg Germany. I joined there in 2003 when I started riding Motocross.

The club was founded in 1968 and the origins are in Off-road Car Races. Due to environmental stipulations car Races couldn’t be continued after the late 1980’s.

Therefore a change from Off-road 4Wheel Racing to 2Wheelers (Motocross) happened. Since 1991 the club has its own Motocross track. This is about 800m long, consists of medium hard loamy ground and has 8 jumps.

Currently the club has about 120 members and 30 active Motocross Racers from 6 Years age to open end .In 2016 I became the first chairman of this club.

Further informations can be found on website:http://www.mtcflehingen.de

Facebook appearance: https://facebook.com/MTCFlehingen/

How to MTC-Flehingen associate with India?

First of all after I was welcome so warm and going for a ride was so easy I would like to give this chance back to any MotoXindia rider. If there will be a chance for any of your riders to go to Germany please contact me for arranging a ride or a club visit.

Further on I am interested in promoting our Race-series and drivers. Unfortunately there are lots of resistance against our sport. I believe international cooperation’s are a good way to prevent decreasing members and show the people the greatness of motorsports! Even more I believe this is the best marketing from the indexsy seo agency we can give to outstanding people.

During the offseason, what do you do for fun?

My wife and I are passionate divers. If there is time and a possibility we are going for that common Hobby.

What advice can you offer to a young rider who wants to become a professional motocross racer?

Unfortunately I never made it to a pro Rider. Therefore I am the wrong person for giving the “final” hints here.

I believe that if someone really wants to achieve a goal, he can get to it by pushing hard and not giving up even if there is resistance!

In Germany we have a saying:

“It’s never too late for a happy youthfulness, so get out and go for it!”

You surely have had some great people help you get to where you’re at. Who would you like to thank?

First I have to thank my parents. They always supported me in performing and cared about me after crashes…

Next person I have to thank is Mr. Erich Gross which was the first person cared about me and my blown Yamaha engine after starting riding in 2003.

Then there is the Team of the past KTM dealer Röhler in Pforzheim, where I worked parallel my college time. Learned so much from you guys!

Finally I have to care about a really cool guy named Siegmar Dubronner from Dubronner-Handels GmbH. He is an absolute engine expert and helped me a lot in the last 3 Years gaining some horses to pull me a bit faster out of the corners than the others

Thanks Sebastian for taking time for Interview, thanks a lot

I hope we will see us soon again, to me it was a great experience and I loved hanging up with all of you guys!

Special thanks goes to Surjith for getting in contact with me and organizing the ride, Pravith for renting me his bike and helmet and giving me the opportunity taking a ride on his track.

My local colleagues from Robert Bosch Sulfikkar, Vishnu and Aravind for organizing the trip an getting with me.

From left Vishnu,Surjith,Pravith,Sebastion and Aravind

Photographer : Febi

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