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CS Santosh and Gaurav participated in inaugural event of Nexa P1 Powerboat Indian Grand Prix

Powerboat Indian Grand Prix
CS Santosh extreme left

Mumbai will have the privilege of hosting its first ever powerboat race The Nexa P1 Powerboat Indian Grand Prix of the Seas will take place from March 3 to March 5 with six teams participating in the water-based race.A 5.2 km long track has already been designed off the shore in Marine Drive for this much-awaited event to begin. There are two Indians participating in this inaugural race, CS Santosh who will be representing Baleno Rs Booster Jets and Gaurav Gill from Ultra Sharks. The best from Intrepid powerboats will be part of this race as well.

CS Santosh, the only Indian to feature and finish the Dakar Rally twice, said, “First two days have been a bit of a struggle, but the final day, I seemed to have a much better handling of the boat, and I was enjoying myself and having a lot more fun. I think we did a good job”

CS Santosh’ eight place finish in the third race and his remarkable eighth and ninth position finish in the first and second race respectively

Nexa P1 Powerboat Indian Grand Prix

Competing in the event along with Santosh was compatriot Gaurav Gill, who won the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship in 2016.

Gill, starting fifth on the grid, got himself to the third position at one point in the third race, only for the engine bracket to come loose in his P1 Panther boat on the 10th lap. The 35-year-old was forced to lessen speed to avoid dropping out of the race, yet still managed to finish fifth in the overall standings. The Indian pair had begun practicing for their first ever Powerboat competition just two months before the contest.



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