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BMW Concept Stunt G 310 partnership with TVS

BMW Concept Stunt G 310: Photo credit: BMW Motorrad

The Concept G 310 is the first offering from the BMW-TVS partnership that was announced in 2013. Codenamed TVS-BMW K03, the concept has been fine tuned with the expert advice of four-time World and European stunt riding champion, Chris Pfeiffer. “Stunt riding is a demanding and multi-faceted sport. Ideally you need a compact, agile bike which is also stable and robust at the same time. You have to achieve the ideal balance between aggressiveness and control”, explains Pfeiffer.

The production version of the Stunt G 310 will be manufactured and sold in India by BMW Motorrad’s Indian partner TVS. This is the reason why the Stunt G 310 is important to India. Moreover, TVS’s motorsport initiative, TVS Racing is known for its stunt biking shows.

When launched in India, the production-spec Stunt G 310 is likely to be sold as a TVS offering and there will be market-specific differences.

The BMW Concept Stunt G 310 combines all the attributes required to be a street stunt bike. The newly developed 1.0-cylinder engine allows for very compact proportions. The cylinder is inclined towards the rear and the cylinder head is rotated by 180 degrees. This permits optimum placement of the engine and a short wheelbase in spite of the long swinging arm. This will allow better handling and agility. The low-slung front and the raised tail section will aid in nimble changes of direction.

Being a stunt motorcycle, the modifications are lockable throttle that ensures constant acceleration even when the rider’s hand has to let go of the throttle grip. The altered gear ratio secures instant power to the rear wheels at low engine speeds. The over-sized rear wheel brake ensures reliable deceleration in every situation.

An additional rear wheel brake to the rear wheel that can be controlled by using rider’s middle finger has been added, in case rider’s right foot is not on the footrest while performing certain stunts. The additional brake lever is specially placed on the left side of the handlebars and can even be operated at the same time as the clutch.

Additional lever on the left bar controls the second rear brake caliper: Photo credit: BMW Motorrad
Additional lever on the left bar controls the second rear brake caliper: Photo credit: BMW Motorrad

Additionally, the motorcycle gets a non-slip seat, which ensures a stable seating position when riding. The final production spec version is expected to debut at the EICMA Motor Show in Milan, November 2015.



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