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Adnan Ahmod star performer of DIRT TRACK-2016 in Cochin

Adnan Ahmod
Adnan Ahmod

Team CRC in Association with Palluruthy Carnival organized a bike race in Corporation Ground Palluruthy on Dec-29-2016 Named DIRT TRACK -2016

There were 100 entries in 10 classes for competition and needless to say this event produced high voltage racing with each class being gone through

If the battle was keen in the Foreign Expert class, it was even better in the Indian Expert class with Adnan Ahmod and Sudeep Kottary are the standout performers.

The Indian Expert Class too had its share of excitement as Cochin’s Amal Varghese won the first race with Jagadeesh Kumar of Coimbatore finishing second and Imran Pasha of Mysore third.

In the second race of the class, Jagadeesh Kumar of Coimbatore finished first followed by Saijith E S second and Pravith Pavithran who finished third, both from Cochin

In Novice Class MOTO-1 Paomin Rahman won first, Dhamodharan and Haneed Ali second and third respectively . in case of Novice MOTO-2 Sirin K V first  Rizwan Shaikh comes second and Paomin Rahman third

Sinan Fransis won the Bullet Class, he finishes ahead of Arun Shelly and Arun Joseph respectively

Krishnadev won first place in Rookie Class which organizers introduced for the first time for New Boys only. The second and third position were taken by Renjith and Sarath Kumar M S


Rookie (New Boys)
1.Krishnadev (79)
2.Renjith (35)
3.Sarath Kumar M S (85)

Novice MOTO-1
1.Paomin Rahman (55)
2.Dhamodharan (91)
3.Haneed Ali (37)

Novice MOTO-2
1.Sirin K V (86)
2.Rizwan Shaikh (31)
3.Paomin Rahman (55)

Indian Expert
1.Amal Varghese (65)
2.Jagadeesh Kumar B (30)
3.Imran Pasha (82)

Indian Open
1. Jagadeesh Kumar B (30)
2. Saijith E S (07)
3.Pravith Pavithran (34)

Four Stroke
1.Imran Pasha (82)
2.Jagadeesh Kumar B (30)
3.Muzain Shaik (126)

Bullet Class
1.Sinan Fransis (72)
2.Arun Shelly (108)
3.Arun Joseph (08)

Ladies Class
1.Gurumail Kaur (10)
2.Faseela (70)
3.Santhini (60)

Foreign Expert
1.Sudeep Kottary (53)
2. Adnan Ahmod (05)
3. Rizwan Shaikh (41)

Foreign Open
1.Adnan Ahmod (05)
2.Rizwan Shaikh (41)
3.Sudeep Kottary (53)

Four Stroke
1.Imran Pasha (82)
2.Jagadeesh Kumar B (30)
3.Muzain Shaik (126)



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