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Yuvraj the youngest Indian at the World Motocross Championship


13-year-old dirt biking extraordinaire, Yuvraj Kondedeshmukh who will become the youngest and the first Indian ever in the history of the country to participate at the World Motocross Championship Juniors in Australia in the category of FIM MX Juniors – 85 CC.

Not only is this the first time for any Indian representative to be a part of this prominent competition that’s equivalent of the F1 in its space, but Yuvraj also bags the medal for the youngest participant ever, making the country immensely proud.

Yuvraj will be accompanied by Ajmera Racing India along with management of Adsto at the championship in Horsham, Australia on 24th – 26th of August2018.

One of the most well-renowned youth motocross racers across the world, Yuvraj started riding and executing breathtaking stunts right from the age of three and a half years old.

Over the years, this interest only grew further and his undefeatable prowess shone through from the very beginning. With the support of his parents, Yuvraj began his professional motocross racing journey at the age of nine and never looked back. He has won several championships in India and globally,

some of the most reputed achievements being:

– 3rd in the FIM Asian Motocross Championship 2017 – the only Indian to have finished on podium in Asia

– 1st in Dubai Motocross Championship 2014 –the first Indian to have won this title

– MRF India Supercross National Champion 2017

– AMA Races podium finished in the United states

– Only Indian to be participating in the FIM World MX Juniors, a junior edition equivalent of the F1 in its space

Yuvraj in Action

Despite facing some of the most life-threatening injuries over the span of his seven-year career, Yuvraj has shown incredible fearlessness and relentless dedication to the sport.

His inimitable qualities and an unbelievable roster of wins at such a nascent age caught Rustom patel’s attention.

The head coach of I-Land racing academy and an eight-time national motocross champion

as well as that of Atul Ajmera, the chairman of I-land racing academy.

Both of them chose to take Yuvraj under their wings and sponsor his ride to becoming a phenomenal sports sensation.

An unsung hero behind this triumphant story worthy of being given the credit is Adsto, a Mumbai based full-service alternative sports and talent management agency founded by Shivanand Lalwani that first discovered this biking phenom and realized his true potential to become an all rounded brand way beyond his athletic capabilities.

A first of its kind agency trying to establish a strong foothold in a sporadic market as India, Adsto was created with an aim to build future sports stars and influencers by unearthing the best of talents and focusing on their growth and development at a very early age, in line with the global talents.

From left Parents Swaroopa and Sndeep Kondeshmukh and coach Rustom Patel

With the supportive parents, a dedicated management agency and world class coaches and training, Yuvraj has now become a force to reckon with in all senses of the word whereas Adsto continues to be at the forefront of athlete representation




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