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Top 5 Junior Supercross riders from India


Beginning Motorsports as a career simply after the age of 18years,  but in modern scenario shows that kids are started their career under 10 years age let’s see some of the top Junior Supercross riders

Yuvrajsinh Konde Deshmukh

Yuvraj Junior Supercross rider from India
Yuvrajsinh Konde Deshmukh

An 11-year-old boy from Pune, is riding without breaking a sweat and is excited to perform stunts. Since the age of 4, he is energetic about speed. It didn’t take his mom long to understand that these qualities were genetic, passed on to him by his dad Mr. Sandeep, a novice motocross rider who couldn’t take after his enthusiasm because of the absence of parental backing. But Yuvraj got a strong support from his mom Swaroopa  , dad Sandeep and from his team I-Land racing Academy. This is the first ever Racing Academy in India.

His trainer for last three years, Mr. Rustom Patel, he himself is an eight-time national champion and authority mentor for Team India, says he has committed his life to Yuvraj, He is the speediest kid in the field of racing. He is substantially more skilled than his rivals in aptitude like jumping and body balancing, which require a lot of effort, that too at such a young age. Much the same as imagined experts, he’s a conceived rider and he knows his region.

Yuvraj with Trainer Rustom Patel (Left) and Father Sandeep (Right)
Yuvraj with Trainer Rustom Patel (Left) and Father Sandeep (Right)

Yuvraj’s career graph is on a steep rise. He is blasting another way on the bike racing circuit. He has become the first Indian to lead the Dubai Motocross Championship and beat a solid line-up of Europe and South African

Karan Karle

Karan Karle Junior Supercross rider from India
Karan Karle

Pune-based junior racer, One of India’s youngest motocross knacks from LILLERIA RACING TEAM. Almost every junior rider has got this thrill from their dad, here also the story is the same, He is the child of famous rider Rahul Karle.  Karan is highly inspired by his father. At the early age of 10 years, he has completed in the third position in the Indian National Championship for Juniors.

Furthermore contended In Sri Lanka at the Juniors International Level. A 4 feet boy, with his legacy, will reach more heights as he is committed to achieve excellence in the field of Motocross racing

Sarthak Chavan 

Sarthak Chavan  Junior Supercross rider from India
Sarthak Chavan

Have won the prestigious MRF Supercross National Championship podiums and he is currently ranked in National level. He is really lucky to have born in such a supporting family from Pune they all race together and stay together with him. Mr. Shrikant chavan Sarthak’s father is a mechanical engineer by profession. In his workshop he modifies bikes and helps riders.

Snehal Chavan , Sarthk’s uncle  is a three time dirt track national champion winning over 120 trophies. The ultimate wish and aim of his family is to make Sarthak Chavan an Asian champion. Now he is undergoing training for FIM Motocross world junior championship 2017

Ikshan  Shanbhag

Ikshan  Shanbhag Junior Supercross rider from India
Ikshan  Shanbhag

Started riding motorcycles at the young age of 5 and his ride then was a Yamaha PW 50. Here, the history repeats the same story of legacy. Mr.Sanket Shanbhag, 2-time INRC champion, is Ikshan’s father. He is the 3rd generation Shanbhag to be involved in Motorsports.

He has been enrolled in the I-Land Racing Academy. His role model is Marc Marquez.

Raheesh Khatri

Raheesh Khatri Junior Supercross rider from India
Raheesh Khatri

Raheesh Khatri who twisted the throttle when he was six has become India’s youngest Motocross rider like his father, Mudassar Khatri, who is a passionate racer himself,

Raheesh got his hands on training dirt biking at the tender age of six. Practicing day and night on his Yamaha PW-80 was no child’s play. He created history by being the youngest rider in India to have participated in the championship held at I-LAND Racing Academy at Wadala

Raheesh continues riding and practicing every weekend at I-land racing academy, Wadala. His eyes light up when he sees bikes, motocross races or any motorcycle race videos.

His favourite racers are Valentino Rossi, Marc Marcques and the Drag King Rickey Gadson

Supercross and Go Karting events does not require competitors must be above 18 years old and even no need to have a valid driving license. There is a provision in FMSCI rules and regulations competitors produce an NOC from their parents can take part such events

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