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Stunt riding as a profession


Biju started racing at the age of 18, and because he wanted to do something big with his passion. “My role model for racing was Jinan CD ; he was the inspiration during my early days. He is still a racer, but I didn’t want to copy him. Life’s not about copying, so I got into stunt biking.”


According to Biju, freestyle stunting is an advanced form of bike riding. At least two years of experience is required to do it professionally. “It’s like dancing on a bike”, changing styles and movements, like steps in a dance. It is a diligent sport, which requires years of practice.

In the beginning, stunt riding has a lot of hard work, with late rewards. Biju says, “More than a profession, it’s a passion. But in India, solo riders can’t shine; so I decided to join a team. We started talking to companies, for shows. It took 1-2 years to gain momentum with sponsors. We made more waves as we did more stunt performances.”


Apart from stunt riding, Biju has a passion for bikes and a newfound appreciation for books. He says “My passion has always been bikes, so now I specialize in bike accessories and sell them as well. I have three shops of my own where I sell bike accessories and protective riding gear.” The stunt rider is an avid reader as well. “While travelling to our performances, I got into reading. Now I develop my knowledge through it. A book I liked reading was Shiv Khera’s ‘You Can Win’.”



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