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R Nataraj wins Raid de Himalaya 2018

Image Courtesy : TVS Racing

The 20th edition of the Raid de Himalaya has come to a close with TVS Racing’s R Nataraj won the Moto Xtreme class of the Raid, having managed to be the fastest competitor of the entire field.

while Imran Pasha also fromTVS Racing finished second and Vishwas SD finished third

Vijay Parmar of Himalayan Motorsport Association said, “Raid 2018 was very difficult. We kept facing bad weather at every turn. For the first time, we encountered temperatures as low as -16 degrees. Wind chill was well over -20 degrees, making the going really tough for the bikers.” Parmar added that shortening the Raid from six days to four days helped keep competition alive. “The Raid has usually been six days long. By Day 4, the likely winners usually emerge and it’s just a question of holding on to your lead after that,” he stated.



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