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Interview With-Shreya Iyer first women in TVS Racing Team

Shreya Iyer dream of building career in motor racing began at the age of 17

Shreya Iyer
Shreya Iyer

Shreya Sunder Iyer created history, not only the first women to be part of TVS Racing Team but also first woman rider to be a part of any racing team in India

Her adventures caught the attentions of Vishwas SD, a current rally rider and a former member of the TVS Racing Team. In an exclusive interview with MotoXindia.com, she spoke about being a girl into the world of motorsports

How did you get interested in Rally?

I really got interested in biking after completing college. I started going on the long road and most of my ride are never on the tarmac. So doing the rally gets an opportunity to upgrading

Is your parent first reaction about the rally?

Actually, any other parents they where concern about safety factor but doesn’t stop me. They extremely thrilled what I am doing and really support it

Shreya Iyer with family
Shreya Iyer with family

Who is your inspiration?

In a women perspective Laia Sanz, the only women in Dakar rally right now and she finished it. She is the fantastic inspiration for me

Are you ever feeling nervousness competing with guys?

I think little bit nervousness is healthy for everyone so we conscious about what we doing. As far as my concerned I never mind competing with guys. A motorcycle is just a machine; it doesn’t know who is sitting on it, whether it’s a girl or a boy

Are you trying other formats of Motorsport like Supercross, Dirt Tack, and Drag racing?

Now I am concentrating on INRC hopefully, I will do Dakshin and Desert Storm for coming years. Supercross and motocross need lot of dedication and training so I think it’s matter of time I gradually learn

What kind of training program do you have to prepare before a Rally?

Just plenty number of hours on the motorcycle that’s all. Because more time you spend on your motorcycle riding more confident and understand the machine

Shreya Iyer
Shreya Iyer

Do you have any hobbies or activities that are outside of Rally racing?

Music is a part of my life. I sang professionally for couple of movies and also photography is my biggest passion

What are your future plans in motorsport?

It’s just a beginning hopefully next five to seven years I make it Dakar

Shreya Iyer in KTM
Shreya Iyer in KTM


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