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Get to know Pravith Pravithran


At an age when people call it quits and decide to let their helmets hibernate, Pravith Pavithran a mile ahead and graduated from stunt riding to professional racing.

Having taken part in around 40 to 50 races pan India and won podiums in over 17 ones, this entrepreneur who runs his own furniture manufacturing company Prime Decor Furniture World in Kerala is a true example of ‘Passion never ceases to exist’.

What’s more? He also has his own stunt riding team called DGF ( Dog Fight Gang).

Last week he added another feather to his cap by bagging the Winner position in Kakkore carnival race under the Foreign Open Class category.

Onboard Pravith Image Courtesy : ALBIN MOTOGRAPHY

Do you find time to pursue your passion as Pravith does? Then give yourself a pat on your back. You have found balance and true meaning in your life. Follow The our series ‘What’s your passion’ in the following week and like and share our page.



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