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Why every motorcycle rider should attend a track school By Sukesh


Let us look at why it’s a great idea to attend a track school training if you ride a motorcycle. It doesn’t matter if you ride on the road for commute, long tours, you ride a commuter bike, a tourer, an adventure bike or a sport bike. Also there is a misconception that track schools are for racing… which is completely wrong.

Current state of Motorcycle Riding and Coaching in India

If you look at Indian context and riding on a motorcycle, you would realize that, here in India we don’t have a structured way of teaching someone how to ride a motorcycle. All of us learnt how to ride a motorcycle by the help of a friend, colleague, neighbor, uncle or someone who made us sit on a machine with 2 wheels and an engine and just told us how to use the throttle. I am sure all of you have the experience of figuring out the remaining part of riding through panic and falls in the following days and months (probably years too) 🙂

What does a Track School teach? And why is it important?

Track Schools teaches you the following 3 things in a systematic way and also in a more safer environment (a race track) 1. Unlearn 2.Learn  3.Practice
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During the course of personal experiences, due to lack of proper structured training all of us picked-up several wrong habits which makes it dangerous while riding a motorcycle. Unlearn portion of the training covers such topics which helps to reduce the mistakes from us as riders.


Second phase of training involves learning skills, methods and tips of how to ride a motorcycle safer and also how to make them part of muscle memory to get them applied without even thinking about it.


Like the saying goes, Practice makes it perfect. This is when you sharpen your skills and become a better rider. This phase is something which goes longer and more the merrier. Open track days are always a great opportunity to practice and enhance the skills.

Most common reasons for Road Accidents and how Race Track experience helps 

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Here is a list of most common reasons for road accidents (Not necessarily the only ones)

  1. Panic braking
  2. Target Fixation
  3. Narrow vision
  4. Steering input
  5. Abrupt navigation

[Panic Braking] is the most common reasons for road accidents. Panic braking happens when you are riding and something unexpected happens like a new speed breaker, a person crossing the road, a dog/cat/cow running across or even a new pothole. Most riders in such panic situations, jam the rear brakes and ends up falling. What jamming the rear brake does is to lock the rear wheel and the motorcycle goes into something called ‘fish-tail’ where the front wheel is going faster but rear slides. This causes the rider to go out of balance and crash. When this happens, call Maryland Car Accident Lawyers immediately for legal advice and consultation about your case.

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