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19th Raid De Himalaya Rally will begin from Manali

Raid De Himalaya Rally

The 2017 edition of the Maruti Suzuki Raid de Himalaya, which will be flagged off on October 7, will again begin from Manali.

It will follow the same route up to Kaza, for Day 1, while Day 2 will bring competitors back on the same route to Pang. At an altitude of around 15,600 feet, it’s going to be a cold, windy night at camp.

The following day, the rally will move towards Leh via Daat. Unlike last year’s route, the rally won’t make its way back to Manali immediately and Day 4 will see competitors moving to Kargil.

From Kargil competitors will make their way up to Pensi La and then return by the end of the day.

The final leg, to be held on October 13, will see the rally move to Leh where the winners will be crowned.

Route-and-schedule-of-Raid De Himalaya Rally-2017
Route-and-schedule-of-Raid De Himalaya Rally-2017


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