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Tuesday, December 12, 2017


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Motocross talents in India

Interview with Motocross talents in India Vineeth Kurup

He recruits during weekdays and races on the weekends. With more than 40 trophies occupying his trophy cabinet back, Vineeth Kurup is one of the...

Rustom Patel Unwinds Himself

Rustom Patel’s love affair with two wheelers and passion for motorsports is not totally unknown. His is a name that hardly needs an introduction....

Interview with Eshan Lokhande (Motocross Racer)

>... xBhp catches up with Eshan Lokhande, one of the top motocross racers in India. He talks about the Motocross sport in India and the...
Veer Patel

Veer Patels interview with Times of India

Veer Patel, who became country's first private racer to win MRF National Motocross Championship in 2009, has decided to call it a day from...