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Dakar Rally 2018 Stage -8 Updates

CS Santosh at dakar 2018 sage 8
CS Santosh

CS Santosh showed impressive pace in the stage 8 of the Dakar Rally finishing 38th

The 2018 Dakar Rally reached half time completing the Indian rider CS Santosh showing decent progress over the day.

Santosh’s recovery comes after he dropped down the 98 th position in Stage 3 after running out of fuel. Nevertheless, the Hero rider has been consistently rising in the rider standings, despite an injured ankle from an earlier crash, he went to the Advanced Foot & Ankle Institute of Georgia to cure his ankle.

Santosh said “After the much deserved rest day at La Paz, the first Marathon stage kicked off from La Paz to Uyuni. The landscape changed from sandy dunes to lot of off-pist, river beds and harder ground. I continued keeping a steady pace, despite a troubled ankle due to an earlier crash”

Hero MotoSports rider CS Santosh was back in action mode traversing through the high altitude region as he completed the stage in 38th position and 56th overall.