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MRF MoGrip FMSCI National Supercross 2017 Round-3 Jaipur

CD Jinan in National Supercross Jaipur

Privateer CD Jinan took the championship fight to the mighty TVS Racing stables when he virtually dominated the sand-track in Pink City to win Moto 1 and overall position in the Class 1 SX1 Expert Class, in the third round of the MRF MoGrip FMSCI National Supercross Championship, at Mansarovar

With the championship reaching midway through the season, Jinan made a bold move when Team TVS Racing rider Harith Noah fell in Moto 1 while trying to manoeuvre his TVS RTR300 bike on sand track.

Championship leader Noah’s fall put TVS Racing into the backseat as Jinan made use of his experience in riding in Dubai which offers similar sand tracks.

Noah finished seventh in Moto 1, but he fought well in Moto 2 to win the race and somewhat save blushes. Noah’s 20 points from Moto 2 kept him on top of the heap with 110 points, but his lead was cut to just 4 points. Jinan, who had 69 points before the start of the Jaipur leg, now aggregated 106 points going into the fourth round.

CD Jinan
CD Jinan

“It is very noteworthy that CD Jinan won the race to make the contest interesting. TVS Racing rider Noah did give a tough fight in Moto 2 and won, but that was very close race till the end,” explained Shyam Kothari, former National Champion and Director of Godspeed Racing, the organiser of the event.

TVS Racing’s Abdul Waheed Tanveer finished third overall after ending in third place in both the races. Goa’s Javed Shaikh on Yamaha YZ and Yash Pawar of TVS Racing completed the top 5 finishers.

“Jinan used his Dubai experience to full advantage in very hot conditions in Jaipur. Also the Joker Lane, which was being used in India only for the second time, played a big role in the way riders finished their races,” Kothari said.

“Everyone except one rider took the Joker Lane, which is becoming a interesting addition to supercross scene in India,” he said.

Mangalore rider Adnan Ahmed, riding Yamaha YZ125, finished second in Moto 1 and first in Moto 2 to win the overall SX2 title with 37 points in total.

Chandigarh’s Prithvi Singh earned 33 points riding Kawasaki KX250F, while Thrissur’s Sarath Mohan took the third place with 26 points.

The SX2 saw a tight race and the Joker Lane played big part as many scrambled to go through this lane at least once before the end of the round. Some left it late and took the Joker Lane just before the laps came to an end.

Pune’s Yuvraj KondeDeshmukh won both the Motos in Junior SX to earn full points, which are halved after adding the points earned in two races. Riding his KTM 85SX, Kondedeshmukh beat Cochin’s Aadil Coreyya, who had triumphed in last round in Coimbatore.

Pune’s Karan Karle finished third and Satara’s Ikshan Shanbag, on KTM 65SX finished fourth.

Jas David won the Local class on his Hero Impulse beating Raju Mathur and Asif Gaur, who finished second and third respectively.


Class 1 SX1 Expert Class Group A

  1. CD Jinan (Thrissur, Kawasaki KX250F) (20, 17) 37
  2. Harith Noah (TVS Racing, TVS RTR300) (13, 20) 33
  3. Abdul Waheed Tanveer (TVS Racing, TVS RTR 300) (15, 15) 30
  4. Javed Shaikh (Goa, Yamaha YZ) (17, 11) 28
  5. Yash Pawar (TVS Racing, TVS RTR300) (11, 13) 24

Overall points

  1. Harith Noah 110
  2. CD Jinan 106
  3. Abdul Waheed Tanweer 82

Class 2 Novice Group C Moto 1

  1. Imran Pasha (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 20
  2. Hafeez Ahmed (Tumkur, Hero Impulse) 17
  3. Rajendra RE (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 15
  4. Kali Mohan (Dindigul, Hero Impulse) 13
  5. Mahesh VM (Thrissur, Hero Impulse) 11

Overall points

  1. Mahesh VM 51
  2. Kalimohan 47
  3. Imran Pasha 36

Class 5 Indian Experts Group C

  1. R Natraj (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 20
  2. Mahesh VM (Thrissur, Hero Impulse) 17
  3. Kali Mohan (Dindigul, Hero Impulse) 15
  4. Rajendra RE (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 13
  5. Imran Pasha (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 11

Overall points

  1. Mahesh VM 45
  2. R Natraj 42
  3. Jagdeesh Kumar 40

Class 6 Private Experts Group C

  1. Mahesh VM (Thrissur, Hero Impulse) 20
  2. Jagdeesh Kumar (Coimbatore, Hero Impulse) 17
  3. Kalimohan M (Dindigul, Hero Impulse) 15
  4. Anwar Killedar (Goa, Hero Impulse) 13
  5. Jas David (Jaipur, Hero Impulse) 11

Overall points

  1. Mahesh VM 54
  2. Jagdeesh Kumar 47
  3. Naresh VS 29

Class 7 SX2 Group A

  1. Adnan Ahmed (Mangalore, YZ125) (17, 20) 37
  2. Prithvi Singh (Chandigarh, Kawasaki KX250F) (20, 13) 33
  3. Sarath Mohan (Thrissur, Kawasaki) (11, 15) 26
  4. MS Prince (Delhi, Yamaha YZ250) (7, 17) 24
  5. Sajith ES (Thrissur, Kawasaki KX250) (13, 10) 23

Overall points

  1. Adnan Ahmed 104
  2. Sajith ES 91
  3. Prithvi Singh 91

Class 8 Junior SX Group A/B/C/D (average of 2 Motos)

  1. Yuvraj Kondedeshmukh (Pune, KTM 85SX) 20
  2. Aadil Correya (Cochin, KX100) 17
  3. Karan Karle (Pune, CRF150) 15
  4. Ikshan Shanbag (Satara, KTM 65SX) 12
  5. Rajesh Khatri (Mumbai, KTM 65SX) 10

Overall points

  1. Yuvraj Kondedeshmukh,
  2. Aadil Correya 50,
  3. Karan Karle 36.

Class 4 Locals Group B:

  1. Jas David (Jaipur, Hero Impulse) 20
  2. Raju Mathur (Jaipur, Hero Impulse) 17
  3. Asif Gaur (Jaipur, Hero Impulse) 15
  4. Ravikant Sharma (Jaipur, Hero Impulse) 13
  5. Anshu Sharma (Jaipur, Hero Impulse) 11