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Joker Lane, Newly added element in MRF Supercross 2017

MRF Supercross 2017

The 18th edition of the MRF MoGrip FMSCI National Supercross Championship 2017 will be held in Coimbatore. This will be the 2nd round of the 6 round FMSCI National Supercross Championship

GODSPEED Racing, Pune spearheaded by 7 times National motorsports Champion Mr. Shyam Kothari have owned the rights of organizing this Championship for the last 6 years.

Supercross is a motorcycling sport that involves off-road motorcycles racing on artificially created dirt track consisting of steep jumps and obstacles

Joker Lane, an added element in international supercross championships, has found its way into the second round of the MRF MoGrip Supercross championship to be held Coimbatore

The Joker Lane is a slightly tricky segment that can slow down a rider and cost him precious seconds as well.

It is introduced in the country for the first time and God Speed Racing (Pune), the organiser of the event, has chosen Coimbatore as the venue for it.

Shyam Kothari
Shyam Kothari

“The Joker Lane, which is roughly about 150 metres, has obstacles such as whoop-de-doos (series of bumps), double jump and a single jump. It upsets the whole rhythm of the race. The riders will have to go compulsorily through this lane. It adds drama to the whole event,” said Shyam Kothari of God Speed, the brain behind the event.

“Since it is for the first time, we have decided to have a joker placed at the start of the lane. He will be pointing to the section and reminding them to go through it,” he added.

Besides the Joker Lane, the other new introduction is the cut table top. “In fact, we have changed the whole set-up this year. We have increased the jumps to 32, ten more than last year, and we will also have a big table top (70ft in length),” said Shyam.

The supercross event, which is a round of the FMSCI National Supercross championship, is expected to attract 120 riders from across the country.

Top class riders such as AravindKP,A.W. Tanveer, Rugved Bargule and Yash Pawar all from Team TVS Racing. Yash Pawar who have participated in the recent Asian Supercross events, are some of the big names who will be out to prove their class.

Privateers Jinan CD and Saijith ES (from Kerala), Jignesh Patel and Jatin Jain (from Nagpur), Harshal Kadbane (Nasik) and M.S. Prince (Delhi) will be the other riders to enthral the crowd with their daredevilry. Suhail, Vishal and Natraj will also compete in the Group ‘C’ races.

Tannika Shanbag, who has returned with loads of experience from the World GP in Malaysia, will be out to challenge her classmates Yuvaraj Konde Deshmukh and Karan Kartle in the Junior SX category.

The scrutiny and the administration checks will be held on June 30 and July 1 followed by the main race the next day.