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TVS Racing is ready to be India Baja 2017

TVS Racers
From Left A WTanveer ,Adrian Metge and Aravind KP (Photo Courtesy -Richa Kochhar)

Aravind KP and teammate Adrian Metge of Sherco-TVS will travel to the hottest part of India, Rajasthan, to participate in the second edition of the India Baja, an international motorsports event which is now part of the Dakar Challenge series.

R Nataraj and Abdul Wahid Tanveer being the other two riders from TVS Racing will come upon at Baja.

While Metge, who was 11th in 2016, was happy he at least completed the rally, Aravind crashed 40 km into the third stage and suffered a right shoulder injury. The 30-year-old is now back on the circuit and ready to grind it out.

Adrian Metge and Aravind KP
Adrian Metge and Aravind KP on Track (Photo Courtesy -Richa Kochhar)

The riders will use TVS’s RTR 450 motorcycles specifically tuned to meet rally requirements. The 450cc power plant produces around 60 hp. Major focus is given to achieve ultra-light weight and minimize friction.

India Baja will begins in Jaisalmer on April 7, is part of the Dakar has been nominated as the one of the Dakar Challenge event. With this rally, the winner of the rally raid will get a free opportunity to participate in the 2017 Merzouga Rally followed by the 40th edition of the Dakar in 2018

The winner of this event will take home a cool 20000€ (₹ 14 lakh appx.)