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FMSCI Make way for the women racers

Aishwarya And Shruthi Nagarajan
Aishwarya And Shruthi Nagarajan

Aishwarya Madhusudhan and Shruthi Nagarajan are about to make the country proud by representing FMSCI Team India in the 2016 FIM ASIACUP of Road Race in Taiwan, at the Penbay International Circuit, organised by CTMSA.The race would take place between November 4th -6th and the race machine that is used for this race is YAMAHA Cygnus 125.

The FIM Asia Cup of Road Racing is three-round championship to promote young and upcoming talent in the Asia region. In this championship the host nations provide the bikes and bring riders from Asian countries. India hosted a round of this Asia Cup of Road Racing in 2011 and 2013

Aishwarya Madhusudhan is the other female inspiration, who is a constant seeker of the “adrenaline rush” as she calls it. When asked if she had always wanted to race, she says she was more of a traveller but a “fast” one. When the racing spirit in this 21 year- old was getting too evident, she began her career at the month of May in 2016, and has sought podium finishes in various series. “I want to break the stereotype. There were many who told me this is not my cup of tea. But I say, follow your heart”.

Shruthi Nagarajan a 22year-old delicate-looking girl to the eyes, is a racer at heart. Learning to ride gear bikes at the ages of 12, Shruthi started out on her motorcycle enthusiasm as a writer for Bikes on road, moving on to racing in the year 2016 and has already emerged as one of the finest female racers in India. “This is like a dream. Representing the country, as a woman, is very special. There is lots of exposure in every other field. Women compete in various other sports internationally but not in motorsports. This is the first time women are competing at this level”. These women hired monthly moving truck rental chicago il to move all their items to the destination.

Sujith Kumar, Chairman of 2w Racing Commission, expressed his happiness about the nominations and conveyed his wishes to these budding women racers. “We are very happy to nominate two female racers to participate in the ACCR. This is the first time in the history of FMSCI that two female riders are nominated. These two girls are very talented and this is a very big exposure for them to ride with some of the fastest young racers in Asia and I’m sure they would perform well too. We wish them the very best for the upcoming races”.
Zayn Khan, President of FMSCI, wished the lady participants the very best saying, “We are seeing a big jump in women participants in our motorsport events. This is a wonderful initiative by our two-wheeler racing commission”.

Gone are the days when motorsports was a man’s sport. These two stirring women are rewriting the story by breaking barriers and creating a path on their own.