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Interview with KTM Duke Rally Rider-Vishwas

KTM Duke

Vishwas SD from Bengaluru, one and only rider in India using KTM Duke 390cc Bike at cross country rallies and he achieved greater heights such as 3rd in Group A at the recently held Maruthi Suzuki Dakshin Dare 2015

MotoXindia.com catch up this champion with an exclusive interview

How did you get interested in Rally racing?

Mostly hearing about Indian rallying heroes like Jagat Nanjappa ,Kunal Singh, Guarav Gill, Zubin Patel, Nippender Jassy, G Prasad, Srinivas Tuner Kraft as to how fast they could ride motor cycles yet have complete control on unknown terrains. Always craved to ride that way and fortunate to get my opportunity when FMSCI two wheeler President Mr.Praneeth Perumal started the controlled solo rally format.

What kind of training program do you have to prepare before a Rally?

Rallying requires a clear alert mind, lots of stamina and strength to maintain a consistent error free run, to achieve this I try to maintain a clean life style work out as much as possible. My current training is with “The Outfit” group who have an amazing complete strength and conditioning work out plan which has helped me immensely.

How to find out financial support, have any sponsorship?

My story is little different, we are trying something unique. We are trying to prove that a KTM Duke 390 CC which is primarily build for hill climbs can also compete at cross country rallies. As such this requires a lot of R&D which was solely managed and sponsored by Mr.MS Ravindra. Also fortunate to have few prominent teams which continue to support me include Neeraj & Prakhar from Bajaj KTM, Anil Kumar from APEX Racing & 6KIOM, Sai Prasad from Torque, Ananthpadmanaban from X Torque, Sharath Kumar from XMZ Racing and friends.

Career Highlights and Teams you ride?

1st at above 260 Cc category a Rally De Bengaluru in spite of a dramatic fall, 1st in a sprint rally organized by Haseru team, 1st at Torque sprint rally,1st at INRC Coimbatore & Hyderabad and 3rd in Group A at the recently held Maruthi Suzuki Dakshin Dare 2015.

Teams include – KTM, Apex & 6KIOM, XMZ Racing, Torque and X Torque.

Tell us your experience in Dakshin Dare Rally 2015?

From the never ending rocky terrains while we climbed to reach the wind turbines to the hot weather in Bellary to the beautiful canal sections where we ride right beside the flowing water, the whole 2500 Km rally was mind blowing and exhilarating experience. Learnt a lot in terms of conserving energy and keeping my bike intact. Highlights for me were 02 instances, one when my front wheel punctured and a cycle puncture technician at a remote village in Bellary fixed it in 09 minutes and then a second instance where my back wheel tube cut open while I crossed a bridge and how a local tailor sewed the tube and how close to 20 villagers together fixed my bike that helped me rejoin the rally and continue.

What’s the next thing for you, after Dakshin Dare Rally 2015?

We are preparing for the Raid De Himalaya 2015 which is yet again a challenging rally and hoping to learn n adapt as soon as possible

Which has been your best win till date?

Rally De Bengaluru 2014, just like your first crush/love this rally will remain best for a long time. In spite of a bad fall, hitting a pot hole at 90 Km speed and rolling thrice in the air along with my 160 Kg KTM bike I picked myself up and finished the rally. Was a huge confidence booster which set my foundation in rallying?

Injuries kind of seem to be a part of the motor sports, have you had any serious breaks?

Due a freak accident in a practice had a major injury which stalled my racing career during my racing days with TVS Racing. Had I wear the right racing gear this could have not been so bad. Regardless now we wear FMSCI recommended riding gear that lets play this fast sport in a safe way.

What kind of advice would you have for first-time rally riders?

I suggest they first pick up appropriate right riding gear then practice in gravel terrains to understand how they and the bike react. Then with a good fitness program in place they should be able to have a good experience when they rally.

Do you have any hobbies or activities that are outside of Rally racing?

Like teaching and learning new Indian & Foreign languages.