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Interview With 45 year old Rally Rider Binu Jhon

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His passion for Rally racing didn’t fade even after 45-years-old. In an exclusive interview with MotoXindia.com, Binu Jhon (big binoo) talks about his experience after finishing 5th in Group B-165 CC Class in Dakshin Dare Rally 2015

Who was your inspiration in motorsports? And how did you get interested in Rally racing?

From my childhood i am interested in bikes and cars, my inspiration to rallying is Sydney fernadez who was working as supervisor in Yamaha, and he is a good rally rider but unlucky rider.

What kind of training program do you have to prepare before a Rally?

It required a lot, but for dakshin dare I stopped smoking for 3 months, did some floor exercise at home. My suggestion to upcoming riders is don’t smoke, be fit always, and do regular practice with right techniques, for that follow you tube training videos

How to find out financial support, have any sponsorship?

I don’t have regular sponsors, I did Dakshin dare with help of my buddies, and they supported me, love u guyz

What is the difference between track racing and rally? Could you explain the challenges involved in both?

Rallying is different cup of tea, it’s really an endurance test both men n machine. In dakshin dare I was always saying to myself don’t fall, open when you are 100% sure. Dirt track is maximum 30mins game, but you have to face more corners, jumps. In rallying the same things there, but fast corners, fast jumps

What’s the next thing for you, after Dakshin Dare Rally 2015?

Am planning for dakshin dare 2016 and raid de Himalaya 2016 with group ‘a’ bike, let’s see

Which has been your best win till date?

My 1st trophy is eastern 1995 6th in group D, MRF Motocross kochi 2000 2nd in class, ABC coffee 500 1997 3rd in group D overall 7th, I N TEE rally Coimbatore 2000 overall 3rd my sweety trophy latest Dakshin Dare after 12 years break 5th in class overall 11th and it was the most toughest class in d rally with 19 entries and enjoyed a lot and had total 18trophies including dirt tracks too

Injuries kind of seem to be a part of the motor sports, have you had any serious breaks?

It’s part of motor sports, had lot of falls and crashes, my biggest crash in 2003 VASA Rally Bangalore, had spine injury, took a long break and did Dakshin dare 2015

Do you think the racing has become faster and more competitive than when you were younger?

Yes off course it’s become more faster more competitive everybody rides above the limit

What kind of advice would you have for first-time riders or people that are just starting on motorcycles or dirt bikes?

If you put your 100% dedication in it you will get good results, always wear proper riding gears, be fit always, don’t start bad habits like drinking or smoking, if you have more stamina you will have more fun on bike

What else do besides Rally racing? 

I am really enjoying my life’s ups n downs. Lives with my wife n kid, my biggest fans in the world

Do you have any hobbies or activities that are outside of Rally racing?

Other than rallying love to go for long rides long drives with friends and family, most of my rides I go alone, that gives me more comfort.