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Mylaps invented automatic sports timing system for Motorsports


In Motocross and Supercorss events Timekeeping can be difficult in all weather conditions, especially in sports that take place in mud or snow.

Mylaps invented automatic sports timing system and provide accurate, reliable and robust Results can be created and published on paper and scoreboards and online, just seconds after the race.

How does it work?

System components

motorized_transpondersLoop MotorizedDecoderOrbits 4 Doos-01

All vehicles on the track are equipped with MYLAPS transponders in order to identify the racer and record their results.

Detection loop

Detection loops are embedded in the track’s surface at the start and finish line and at intermediate timing points along the track. A detection loop works as the system’s antenna. It picks up signals from the transponders and passes them through to the decoder.


The decoder determines the exact time at which each transponder passes the detection loops. The decoder sends this data the timekeeper’s computer. The decoder has a built-in practice mode that allows automated uploads of practice results to mylaps.com, without the need of a timekeeper.

Timing software

Orbits is MYLAPS’s timing software. Over 12.000 licensed users worldwide use Orbits  to prepare entry lists, process, print and publish practice and event results and upload results to mylaps.com.

More Details Visit : www.mylaps.com/en