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MRF National Supercross 2012 Cochin

MRF National Supercross 2012 Cochin
MRF National Supercross 2012 Cochin

It was a spectacular day for the youth in the city with the electrifying last leg of the MRF National Supercross Championship held at Kalamassery on Sunday.

The circuit, prepared on an open ground at Kalamassery, saw some thrilling stunts which were witnessed by more than 5,000 spectators, highest in this season of the championship. Over 100 bike riders in which 27 were from Kerala, took part in the Championship. For many, it was the first time that they were seeing motocross racing. The   crowd burst into excitement when the racers made double jumps crossing a  height of 30 feet. However, Malayalis had the major set back with local boy C D Jinan, who was racing in the top Foreign Category, had to back off after suffering injury following an accident during the practice session on Saturday.

It was very disappointing not to perform before the local crowd. Besides, the injury has cost me the title. Hope things turn up favourable in the next season with the races starting from April 2013,” Jinan said. MRF National Supercross Championship is held at five legs starting from April and ending by December each year. Veer Patel of Vadodara who won the championship and the Foreign Category in the circuit said the entire season was very tough with close battles taking  place in all five circuit. “I want to continue the same form next season too,” Veer said.

The races were organised in eight categories- Foreign Open, Novice, Indian Experts (B), Indian Experts (C), Foreign Category (C), Private Experts (C), Local and Private Foreign. In the local category, as many as 19 local youth from various parts of the city took part. Shyam Kothari, the main organiser of the MRF Supercross racing, said the crowd was very supportive and the organisers are interested in organising more events in the state. “We have never seen so much crowd in other places.We are interested to bring more MRF racing programmes to the state,” he said.

Sajan Daniel, event organiser, said they never expected such a response for a event like supercross in the state. “The Supercross is being organised in the city after 12 years. If the people give such high support, more motorsports events can be brought to the state,” Sajan said.


Class 1 Foreign Open Group A. Moto-1
1. C.S. Santhosh (TVS Racing)
2. Veer Patel (Baroda)
3. Harith Noah (TVS Racing)

Class 2 Novice Class Group C
1.Yuva Kumar (TVS Racing)
2. Abdul Tanveer (Mysore)
3. Sharath Kumar (Coimbatore)

Class 3 Indian Experts Group B. Moto-1
1. Harith Noah (TVS Racing)
2. Adnan Ahmed (TVS Racing)
3. Pramod Joshua (TVS Racing)

Class 4 Local Class Group C
1. Mahesh V.S. (Thrissur)
2. Amal Vargheese (Kochi)
3. Amjith (Kochi)

Class 7 Private Foreign Open Group A. Moto-1
1. Javed Sheik (Goa)
2. Alen Squeira (Goa)
3. Ganesh Lokhanda (Nasik)

Class 5 Indian Experts Group C. Moto-1
1. Abdul Tanveer (Mysore)
2. Pramod Joshua (TVS Racing)
3. Nataraj R. (TVS Racing)

Class 7 Private Foreign Open Group A. Moto-2
1. Javed Sheik (Goa)
2. Alen Squeira (Goa)
3. Ganesh Lokhanda (Nasik)

Class 6 Private Expert Class Group C
1. Abdul Tanveer (Mysore)
2. Sharath Kumar (Coimbatore)
3. Mahesh V.S. (Thrissur)

Class 1 Foreign Open Group A. Moto-2
1. Veer Patel (Baroda)
2. C.S. Santhosh (TVS Racing)
3. Harith Noah (TVS Racing)

Courtesy :newindianexpress.com