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Veer Patels interview with Times of India

Veer Patel
Veer Patel

Veer Patel, who became country’s first private racer to win MRF National Motocross Championship in 2009, has decided to call it a day from competitive racing tournaments. The biker said that he will participate for the last time in this year’s national motocross championship and try to win it.

Patel, the youngest biker to participate in national motocross tourney, had announced his arrival on national circuit in style by bagging the national championship and participating in several important races.

Patel couldn’t participate fully in the last two national motocross tournaments due to injuries. An injury that he suffered during national championship in 2010 changed the course of his life. “I suffered from back and knee injuries during the 2010 championships forcing me to quit midway. I underwent surgery and after some rest resumed practice. But, the pain from that injury sustained. So I decided to hang my boots and focus on my business,” Patel told TOI.

“I tried to focus on regaining the championship in 2011 and I was doing well at second position in the motocross championship. However, I broke my hand during practice session in USA and had to miss national contest that year too. I am quitting the competitive games due to constant injuries,” Patel said. He, however, added that he will continue to participate in the supercross races for fun.

This year being his last national contest, Patel is aspiring to win the championship title and quit in style. “I want to give it my best shot and I have already begun practising. I am thankful to everyone who helped me in my racing career,” he said and added that he will focus on real estate and construction in the second lap of his life. If you are looking for a legitimate house buying company, look for We Buy Houses San Antonio services for more information.

The thrill of making roaring motorbikes fly in air and wade through mounds of mud at top speed attracted the youngster to the game of supercross. He had started practising the game at his farmhouse in the outskirts of the city and later underwent professional training at Donnie Hansen Motocross Academy. He had also participated in the Asian Motocross Championship in 2010