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K.Y. Ahamed of Team TVS Racing comfortable win in INMRC round-3


Nineteen-year-old K.Y. Ahamed of Team TVS Racing notched up a comfortable win in the premium Super Sport Indian 165cc class in the third round of the MRF MMSC FMSCI National Motorcycle Racing championship at the MMRT track in Sriperumbudur, near Chennai
The results

Super Sport Indian 165cc: Race 1
1. K.Y. Ahamed (TVS Racing) 12:05.530s
2. Sarath Kumar (Honda Ten10 Racing) 12:12.355s
3. Deepak Ravikumar (RACR) 12:12.516s

Super Sport Indian 300-400cc: Race 1
1. Ami van Poederooijen (Rockstar Racing) 11:59.648s
2. Abhishek Vasudev (Rockstar Racing) 12:04.426s
3. Amarnath K. Menon (Rockstar Racing) 12:10.435s

Pro-Stock 165cc: Race 1 
1. Kannan Karnan (Performance Racing) 12:40.607s
2. D. Dinesh Kumar (RACR) 12:41.444s
3. A. Prabhu (RACR) 12:45.290s

Stock 165cc: Race 1
1. Antony Peter (Performance Racing) 13:21.828s
2. Joseph Mathew (Sparks Racing) 13:22.315s
3. Anish Shetty (United Tech Torque) 13:26.890s

One-Make Championship (winners only)

Honda-MMSC CBR 250 Open: Race 1: Mathana Kumar (Honda Ten10 Racing) 12:20.800s
CBR 150 Novice: Race 1 (4 laps): Soorya P.M. 9:02.273s
TVS-MMSC Apache RTR 200 – Open: Race 1: Kannan Karnan 13:17.989s
Novice: Race 1 (4 laps): R.L. Yashas 9:01.585.
Suzuki Gixxer Cup – Novice: Race 1 (4 laps): Joseph Mathew 8:58.965s
Race 2: Mathew 9:08.007s
Rookie Cup: Race 1: Aaron Gunaderdan 8:57.368s
Race 2: Gunaderdan 9:03.310s

Support Races (winners only)
Superbikes: Race 1: Deepak Ravikumar 11:32.877s
AATA Ladies (4 laps): Olesya V. Dias 10:04.499s
Honda Ladies (4 laps): Aishwarya Pissay 9:49.114s


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