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Dirt Bike Modification in Bhopal

Modified Bike

The city of lakes, Bhopal, has emerged an important destination for bike modification in the country. The pioneer in the modification of bikes in Bhopal, Munna Bhai, says that craze for modified bikes has multiplied in last couple of years. “I started the modification of bikes in the mid-90s. During that time bikes were limited. Java was the famous model for the modification of bikes,” Munna said. He said bike modification boom began in 2000.

“Automobile companies began launching of various sports utility bikes after 2000. There was a time when I used to modify 5-10 in a year. Later with the launch of several bikes, I started getting orders of around 50 bikes per year for modifications,” Munna said.

On being asked about the modifications in the bike, Munna said that most of the bikers wanted sporty look on their bikes.

“People ask me to modify their bikes in such away that it should look like the costly foreign bikes,” Munna said. “However, several youth come to me to convert their two-wheelers into the sports bikes with different looks and better speed,” Munna added.

The beginning of the Gulf Dirt Track National Championship in Bhopal also led to drastic changes in the trend for bike modification.

“Bikers who want to participate in the Gulf Dirt Track also began approaching me to modify their bikes. This year also several participants used bikes modified by me. The participation of 47 riders, which is the highest from any city in the championship, is an indication towards the growing trend of modification of bikes,” Munna added.

Bike’s modification costs Rs 5,000 to 50,000. Munna gets orders for the modification of bikes even from neighbouring states and Mumbai.





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